Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, or EAP, is an experiential (learn by doing) modality which combines equine activities, the equine environment, and traditional therapy in order to address individual goals and needs. EAP is very powerful work, especially for those who have participated in traditional talk therapy and are looking for something a little different.

Horses are highly intuitive, and are masters of living in the moment. Horses often act as mirrors, reflecting back our level of presence and groundedness. They have an uncanny ability to reflect an individual’s state of mind and intentions accurately. Their non-judgement nature allows participants to become more in-tune with themselves, as well as create an environment in which people feel able to work through their intense emotions and feelings.

Common skills that are often highlights within an EAP session are boundary setting, assertiveness rather than aggression or passive aggression, self-confidence, identifying patterns of behavior and communication, and mood regulation.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is ideal for individuals, families, and groups. It is often difficult to accurately explain the power of EAP, but when witnessed, it is nearly impossible to miss.