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Well, it’s official.

The holidays are upon us.

There’s always so much to do – parties to plan, meals to prepare, decorations to hang, gifts to buy. And, of course – spending time with family.

That last one can be a bit of a double edged sword. On one hand – a blessing, because the holidays give us a concrete reason to get together with family near and far. Other times of the year, it’s easy to make plans and cancel when life gets in the way. But, we certainly can’t reschedule the holidays and related get togethers.

However, on the other hand – WE CAN’T RESCHEDULE THE HOLIDAYS! We’re obligated to spend time with some family members that we would otherwise avoid because we just don’t….see eye to eye with them. They rub us the wrong way. Get our knickers in a twist. On different wavelengths with.

You get my point.

So, how do we survive the holidays? How can we maintain our sanity?

Well, for tips on how to accomplish this (mostly) unscathed, I will employ the work of therapist blogger, Abby Thompson, MA, MFT. She is a Marriage and Family Therapist based out of San Francisco. She wrote this blog entitled Thanksgiving: Obligation, Misery, and Cranberry Sauce. And it is On. Point.

Her survival plan entails 5 main points: Owning It, Finding the Humanity, Setting Boundaries, Making Space for Yourself, and Creating Meaningful Traditions.

All of these points are really important skills for every day, but they become much for poignant around the holidays. She details these points with some pretty awesome ideas and tips.  Definitely worth a read!







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